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  • 'Linzi's riding lessons really helped me regain my confidence after a few falls and she took the time to help me understand what my horse was trying to tell me.'

    Lindsey Peek

    I started having lessons with Linzi in summer 2011 as I had a new horse and we needed to start schooling together. Linzi was recommended to me by a friend and I was immediately impressed with her - she is friendly, relaxed, explains herself clearly and very importantly for me, understands and treats horses well. I am really pleased with the progress we’ve made and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Linzi!

    Shannah Dissentient

    I have known Linzi since she was 7 years old and knew not to far into her riding that she had something special. The passion and determination of a small girl has continued into her adult years and made her into the sensitive rider and teacher that she is today.

    Debbie Brough, manager of Stockwood Valley Stables 1988-2004

    I have known Linzi for five years now and within that time she has been a brilliant instructor and become one of my best friends. When I first met Linzi I was injured and she took on looking after my horse and riding him for me. When I came back from injury I was surprised at how much my horse had improved (he’s not the easiest of boys). She put a lot of time and effort into him and for that I have never had anyone else look after him for me. Linzi makes having a lesson an enjoyable experience. You learn a lot without feeling pressured to be the best at it. I am very happy leaving Linzi on her own to deal with my horses and she often looks after them still. I haven’t had anyone else teach me since I started my lessons with Linzi and I won’t be changing anytime soon! She has a great understanding of the horse as an individual as well as you and also as a partnership. I have worked alongside Linzi and have learned a lot from her. If ever I have a problem I can go to her for advice and never feel hesitant to ask for help. Simply one of the best.

    Lauren Curtis

    I have known Linzi for 6 years now and she has helped me develop my understanding and knowledge of riding and riding theory immensely in this time. She has improved my riding across all disciplines from flatwork to jumping and everything in between! She has also ridden my horse for me and is a very sympathetic and relaxed rider, but also confident in her actions. I noticed an immediate improvement in my horse!

    Linzi will work with you and your horse at your own pace and will fill you with confidence. She will help you to achieve your goals whatever they may be and will help you build the trust and bond with your horse. Linzi’s approach is very calm but positive and enthusiastic. She likes to build a good rapport with horse and rider and this results in good outcomes. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

    Becky Mitchell

    Linzi has that rare combination of excellent emotional intelligence and great horsemanship. She injects warmth and fun into lessons and focuses on rider confidence too. Her insight and sensitive application of specific advice builds strong rapport. She concentrates equally on horse and rider and offers practical and helpful progressive work for between lessons. Her excellent communication skills mean that explanations are clear and concise; she has infectious humour to relax both horse and rider. She is skilled and knowledgeable.

    Linzi helped my husband and I "back" our Lusitano/Arab 3 year old last summer. Her approach was totally professional and consultative at all stages. She was incredibly attentive to his moods (horse, not husband!) and was sensitive to how he responded to each stage before progressing. Building confidence and making it a positive experience for all was her aim. She responded calmly and professionally to all his questions and he made far more progress than I had expected in a matter of weeks. Linzi was incredibly fair about price, too - she certainly didn't stretch the process out and it was a lovely experience for all of us. She has built solid foundations and I definitely will be asking for her help in schooling him on in the next few years. I would happily recommend her and believe she deserves to have a strong fan-base here! All clients feel the sameā€¦

    Dee Cattermole

    Linzi I wanted to say a huge thank you.

    You have done a brilliant job schooling our horse Paris and she has really improved. You have unique skills, patience, understanding and respect for the horse. Bob and I would have really struggled with her care and behaviour at times had it not been for you. You have never let us down.

    I would be more than happy to recommend and provide references at any time for you. I am so pleased that you will be involved with Paris and her new rider’s training. I know that Paris will like that too!

    Christine Palmer

    I have a 10-month-old filly. When I first got her at 8 months she was impossible to go near, due to her being wild and having had no human interaction. My main issue was that I was unable to get a head collar on her and unable to do anything with her. A friend recommended Linzi to me and she has been amazing! From the first session we had with Linzi I could already see a massive improvement. Linzi not only has worked with my filly but has also worked on helping me with my confidence and has helped me to believe in myself. My filly and I enjoy our lessons with Linzi now and even when Linzi isn't with us she is always on the end of the phone to help us out with our homework. Thanks to Linzi my filly will now gladly have a head collar on and enjoys being touched.

    I would recommend Linzi to anyone as she has worked wonders with us and I will always be grateful.

    Kirsty Star